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The Reflective Parent Club

Helping parents become resilient, regulated and connected leaders for their children. It is time for you to nurture your own needs and we are there to support you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, dysregulated and disconnected from yourself and your family?

The Reflective Parent Club helps you…

Gain a Community

24/7 access to a community of parents sharing their journey moderated by well-being mentors.

Gain New Insights

Every Tuesday you can join our live Reflection Calls to chat about what has been on your mind or simply listen to others share their story

Gain New Knowledge

Monthly Q&A calls with experts in well-being, mental health, leadership and child development.

What parents from our testing group are saying

“Wow! This is MUCH MORE than a parenting membership. The skills I have learned are helping me with my husband and my kids. I feel more connected to them and to myself!”

Lisa M.Ohio, USA

“What felt empowering was gaining the skills to support another parent and see their AHA moment because of my support. It was so fulfilling to help other parents. The weekly Reflection Calls are my favourite time of the week!”

Stacy C.Montreal, Canada

“What I love are the chat groups that have topics not only geared to moms or parenting in general. Parents in this community engage in deep, insightful conversations that keep me thinking about who I am as a person, not just a dad, and support my personal growth journey in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.”

Andrew C.New York, USA

Parents ready to place the focus on themselves

Take Charge of Your Happiness and Well-Being

We call it Proactive Parental Well-Being.

We believe in taking initiative before stress takes over every part of your life, including parenting. By learning essential skills now, you’ll be prepared to handle high-stress moments with confidence.

Our community is shaped by insights from over 161k parents, addressing the common barriers to well-being support. Many parents feel stressed, overwhelmed, or purposeless but don’t qualify for therapy due to a lack of medical diagnosis. We’re here to fill that gap, providing support for parents who fall into the “well-being black hole.” Join us to proactively enhance your well-being and navigate parenthood with resilience.

Ready to handle stress, regulate your emotions, and be part of a community of parents ready to nurture their own needs?

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Reduce Overwhelm and Stress to Be More Present

Gain skills that parents need yet are never taught...leadership skills & behavioural psychology

When was the last time you asked someone to recommend a parenting book and they suggest you read a leadership or management book?

THIS is what parents should be taught. You are leading a team. You need conflict resolution skills, effective communication skills, team management, time management, stress management and more!

We listen to the needs of our members and reach out to knowledgeable experts in well-being, behavioural psychology, and leadership. We invite researchers and CEOs to share their insights because we know that they both have a lot of advice to share with parents.

Join our monthly Q&A sessions and receive personalized advice tailored to your unique challenges around happiness, resilience, well-being and leadership.

Are you ready to take control of your own well-being?