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The Family Tree Podcast

Television Appearances

Global Montreal: Educational toys

Give your child the gift of learning this holiday season. Curious Neuron Founder Cindy Hovington joins Global’s Tim Sargeant with toys to make learning fun.

Post-pandemic Mom Rage

Is post-pandemic mom rage really a thing? This term became very popular during the pandemic but very little has been done to teach moms (and dads) how to regulate their emotions.

Tips for healthy bedtime routines

Parents, don’t let your child fall asleep not feeling loved. Neuroscientist Cindy Hovington joins Global News Morning’s host Laura Casella to explain the neuroscience behind the statement and what parents can do to ensure a peaceful, loving bedtime routine.

Learning to share

A recent study shows that children start developing the idea of sharing at around four years old. Global’s Laura Casella is joined by neuroscientist Cindy Hovington to discuss how this could influence parenting practices going forward.

Brand Collaborations

Learning through play initiative with Edx Education

Edx Education have been working with many Educational Experts, Teachers and Play Advocates to increase the awareness campaign for “Learning Through Play”. Curious Neuron is proud to be part of this initiative!

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Newspaper Articles and Magazines

Maman Pour La Vie, Quebec.

L’importance de choisir une couche confortable pour bébé

Montreal Times

Stuart Nulam’s piece on Curious Neuron and how it is a valuable resource for parents.

City Kids Magazine

“With the kids at home, we’re all longing for toys and entertainment which is fun and educational.”

Montreal Families

Montreal Families’ interview with Cindy where she discusses how Curious Neuron came to be

Radio show appearances

Aftermath of Christmas: What to do with all the new toys?

Our homes get filled with new toys after the holidays but we don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Dr. Hovington gives parents advice to help make the aftermath of the holidays a little less stressful and more educational for kids.

What does successful parenting look like?

It is easy to feel like we are not doing enough as parents. In this CJAD800 AM interview, Dr. Hovington talks about what successful parenting should look like (without any pressure).

Why parents need to stop and reflect to stop cycles

3 Cindy Hovington. Released: 2024.

How stress at home impacts our child

Dr. Hovington walks you through how stress in the home impacts your child’s behavior.

How can parents protect their children’s mental health?

Many parents worry that their own mental health might have an impact on their child’s mental health. Early environment has a huge impact on a child’s mental health and Dr. Hovington covers the top 3 aspects of their environment and how you can be mindful of this.