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Guest: Tatianna Graham

Tatianna is the founder of The Move With Ease Method, is a comprehensive 12-week transformational program that helps women overcome feeling stuck in their bodies, with pain, stress and tension, to feeling confident and free in their own bodies.  She’s passionate about helping women set themselves up for success in the second half of life so that they can enjoy all of life’s activities and joys, and be able to show up the way they want as a mom, as a spouse, a boss, an athlete, an employee, a friend, a caregiver, and anything else!  The Move With Ease Method helps women achieve this success all through the convenience of online coaching and content. 

She is a mom, physiotherapist, yoga teacher and mindful movement health coach who is passionate preventative health and redefining the “traditional aches and pains” of aging.  She has been practicing as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher for 10+ years and saw a need to blend these two passions to truly help her clients get the results they wanted and so desired. When she had to shut down her in-person practice at the beginning of the pandemic, it allowed her to see that through online guided movement and mindfulness, she could still help people. In fact, it empowered her clients to realize that they could improve symptoms and heal through guided mindful movement.


Ever wondered how to weave mindfulness into the bustling tapestry of your everyday life? Prepare to discover new threads of wisdom with our special guest, Tatianna, an experienced physiotherapist with a particular knack for connecting the dots between mental and physical wellbeing. Together, we poke at the curious interplay of mindfulness and our bodies, unearthing the profound impacts of achievable daily practices. 

Fascinatingly, as Tatianna shines a light on mindful movement, it becomes evident that even amid the whirlwind of our lives, there’s always room for a quick XYZ spine exercise to maximize the benefits of movement. Tatiana’s expertise extends into the realm of self-awareness, painting a vivid picture of how mindfulness can recalibrate our nervous systems and dial down our stress levels. She champions the power of journaling as a tool for accountability, a testament to her commitment to nurturing a balance in both our mental and physical facets. 

As we drift into the calming realm of mindful breathing, Tatianna unveils the power behind this practice in stress reduction and regulation of our nervous systems. She shares valuable techniques, such as focusing on the three-part breath and using one hand on the heart and one hand on the belly. The conversation with Tatianna is a buffet of enlightening insights and actionable tips on how to harness the power of mindfulness to boost our health and wellbeing. Join us as we wade through these intriguing terrains and arm yourself with the tools to conquer your day with a renewed sense of calmness and control.

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